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Project Services

Traned is structured dealing with a complex piping package requirements.  Supplying a wide variety of products, Traned has a broad range of capabilities to build tailored packages to suit your needs. Our team is competent to manage production progressing, expediting and inspection, as well as having the expertise to deal with your documentation requirements and custom formalities. We regularly manage large projects for major clients. We are project supply and materials management experts.

Traned created project services department to work with the projects. We work with our clients from the early planning stages to make sure that all materials needed for a project will be available on time. If certain items cannot be obtained, we will recommend alternatives. Traned provides a combined solution by utilizing its own inventory and creating special stock lines for the project. The balance we fast track source from our network of manufacturers and suppliers.


Traned plan all logistics. Not only do we ensure that all items are delivered on time, we also plan the delivery schedule ensuring that items are delivered just in time and only when and where they are needed. Traned try to get anticipate with the construction time frame to understand the needs in advance and plan the supply more efficiently.